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Pandemic proclamations

“Today, I ate a sandwich.” Not exactly an earth-shattering proclamation. Or is it? Really depends on the context. My step-mom, Prudy, once had a friend say that exact sentence to her, and it was the biggest deal either of them … Continue reading

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Slow, slow riders

Ten winters after putting down Rangeley roots—perennial roots deep in the arctic strata formerly known as our summer waterfront—we put down tracks. Serious tracks. Boldly going where we hadn’t dared to snowshoe, ski, or ice shuffle before. Faster than a … Continue reading

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Back where it all began (Part Two)

NOTE: The following is a continuation of “Back where it all began,” published in June 2017. I was drifting back to childhood, watching the gigantic Snoopy float hover over the Macy’s parade, when the sound of Jim’s voice took me … Continue reading

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First deer, lasting lessons

NOTE: The following was written by my daughter and first guest blogger, Becky Clough. In early November, while at home in Maine, I shot my first deer. It was a gorgeous, golden fall morning a mere three days into the … Continue reading

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Last sunset over Sur La Mer

Don’t revert back to island time until at least November. If ever there was a day to honor that golden rule of mine, it was the first of September. One of those bluebird Rangeley days, it was perfect for a … Continue reading

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Weather…or NOT!

I’m not sure who the audience is supposed to be for most National Weather Service “special advisories” in my area. Especially this one: Special Weather Statement for Northern Franklin County (June 15): The warm air temperatures this weekend in the … Continue reading

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I dream of Genies (remastered)

Green lightSo brightFirst thing I want in sightI wish I may, I wish I mightHave it glow again tonight. I wished with all my heart, clicked my heals together, squeezed my eyes tight then opened them again. Over and over. … Continue reading

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Two flu inside the cuckoo’s nest

Most days, playing the “How far are you from…?” game is kinda fun. “How far are you guys from the doctor’s and the drug store?” people from away want to know. “About 35 minutes from the healthcare center. Another hour … Continue reading

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New math for a new year

“Some days you eat salads and work out. Some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It’s called balance.” Yep. I sure liked that quote back about a month ago. I stopped scrolling through my Facebook feed, … Continue reading

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He’s got Beagle Diet eyes

All Kineo dog wants for Christmas is a treat…or two…or three. Trimmings from the holiday roast. Blueberry pancake morsels smothered in cream cheese. A can of Ol’ Roy filet mignon flavor “wet dinner” that, in days of yore, would almost … Continue reading

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