More About Joy

Mission Statement: To live up to my name.

That’s it, short and sweet, my mission, my overarching goal, my soul’s purpose, heart’s desire….my legacy. It’s what I want people to say about me, past tense inserted, Spirit willing, only after I’ve grown old enough to be considered wacky and eccentric in my strategies to fulfill my mission.

Meanwhile, if you want the longer version, check out:

2 thoughts on “More About Joy

  1. Hi Joy,
    My dad passed this on to me and, Wow, I just had to send you a comment. I think your retirement sounds great and I’m very intrigued by your love of Maine. Are you anywhere near Harrison? My best friend from years ago and her husband had a summer place in Maine that they loved. Not quite as remote as yours sounds though.
    Best regards,


  2. Reading both of your blogs makes me just want to stop and truly enjoy every moment of every day. I would pick “camp” over any other place ever. I’m still soooo excited for the both of you 🙂


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