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Two flu inside the cuckoo’s nest

Most days, playing the “How far are you from…?” game is kinda fun. “How far are you guys from the doctor’s and the drug store?” people from away want to know. “About 35 minutes from the healthcare center. Another hour … Continue reading

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New math for a new year

“Some days you eat salads and work out. Some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It’s called balance.” Yep. I sure liked that quote back about a month ago. I stopped scrolling through my Facebook feed, … Continue reading

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He’s got Beagle Diet eyes

All Kineo dog wants for Christmas is a treat…or two…or three. Trimmings from the holiday roast. Blueberry pancake morsels smothered in cream cheese. A can of Ol’ Roy filet mignon flavor “wet dinner” that, in days of yore, would almost … Continue reading

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Channeling my inner beagle

All I really need to know about retirement I’m learning from my beagle. It’s not that I lack two-legged role models. My husband Tom, who should be a poster boy for AARP, is a shining example, as are many friends … Continue reading

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Black gloves, silver lining

It’s August and I really wish I knew where the heck my gloves are. Yup, you read that right. I’m smack dab in the middle of real Rangeley summer, those few precious days when I can confidently expose both my … Continue reading

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What WAS I thinking?

I like not having tons of lingering questions hanging over me. Especially out here in the willywags with my husband of more than 40 years, I’m glad to usually find answers to everything from the monumental to the mundane. Did … Continue reading

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I dream of Genies

When we first starting coming here, any talk of having television “upta camp” would’ve been as far out as waiting for a magic carpet to take me to the end of the rainbow. “And what would you like for your … Continue reading

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A licking time bomb

If by some Christmas miracle the ghost of my Nana could have visited Kineo, she would have gently cradled his head, met his big brown eyes with her own, and said: “If it ain’t your hip, it’s your ass or your … Continue reading

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Two un-a-peelin’

We don’t get many trick-or-treaters out here. But if we did, Tom and I weren’t worried about giving out much candy this year. Our zombie impressions would have scared the kids right off the porch. And we weren’t even wearing … Continue reading

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Back where it all began

Heading north toward Rockwood, Tom slowed the Subaru to a crawl. I’d been peering out into the steady rain since way before Greenville, picking faded memories out of old landmarks, retracing my way through the steely blues and mottled greens of … Continue reading

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