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Channeling my inner beagle

All I really need to know about retirement I’m learning from my beagle. It’s not that I lack two-legged role models. My husband Tom, who should be a poster boy for AARP, is a shining example, as are many friends … Continue reading

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Staying past September

“Dock’s out,” Tom announced. “Boat’s out, too.” “Yup, I know,” I said, even though I was pretty sure he knew I knew ’cause he saw me watching the whole process from my “office” window. Out here, stating the obvious is … Continue reading

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Season of passage

(Author’s Note: The following was first published in my column in the Rochester (NH) Courier on April 21, 1987. I’m reposting it 25 years later in honor of my late father-in-law, Lee Clough. Thank you, Lee, for getting the dream … Continue reading

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